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Talleres Belgrano

Vision y Mission


We believe a company is a mean to empower. We believe in agile high-quality solutions. We believe in teamwork that lasts to lift us up.


To provide efficient sustainable solutions for the farming industry, placing individuals at the core, and assisting the farmer in doing so as well, while enhancing yield.

Talleres Belgrano

TB culture

THE USER AT THE CORE, designing the company and the processes with the users at the core of it. Caring for the experience of the client at every interaction. EMPATHY, being able to stand in somebody else’s shoes and provide them with what they need makes for today’s competitive advantage. PURPOSE-DRIVEN, keeping in mind what the purpose is, the company’s purpose the clients’ and Talleres Belgrano’s. FLEXIBLE, adapting to change. OPEN, opening to new improvement initiatives and opportunities, both external and internal. INNOVATIVE AND BOLD, daring to put forward, to try, to get it wrong, and carry on either way. SELFLEADERSHIP, being advocates for personal and professional development, being self-demanding and responsible. STRATEGIC PLANNING, bring in the habit of planning to keep our word, our priorities and allocate resources wisely. PROACTIVE, when we spot an issue, we think about bringing a solution forward and get involved.

Talleres Belgrano



Build alongside others, work openly, set up alliances, build trust-worthy relationships. Share responsibilities.


Get personally and positively involved with the process by aligning it with the mission.


Understanding, respect towards other’s differences and timing. Acceptance and collaboration.


Commit to real goals and give our all to achieve them.

Talleres Belgrano

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